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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
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UniKey Solutions

Can I remotely update the dongle, such as change licenses, expiring date, ect?

Yes, you can.
The update process is: First you can use a tool to generate a file to update a specific dongle then your customer gets this file, and update the dongle

How to get the Hardware ID of the dongle with UniKey Console?

Plug in the dongle to your computer, Logon it. At the Basic Tab, you will see the HID, SoftID and Update Tag.

We only can change dongle passwords 2 times either from program or from UniKey console. We conclude the second attempt passwords will remain in it forever and cannot be altered or how does this work?

After your second attempt passwords, you can not change it again. If you need, please return the dongle to us, we can reset it for you.  Contact us for the price.

With the same seed, should the passwords be the same for different dongles?

Yes, if the seed is the same, the passwords should be same.

Would I use the burner to Generate new password ?

Yes, you can use burner to generate the password for the keys. 

Are end-users able to control license usage?

Network administrators can cancel licenses in order to redistribute among users or revoke idle licenses. This provides administrators with the ability to control optimal license use across the enterprise.

Can I modify the password of a UniKey dongle?

Yes. Each UniKey dongle can only generate new password TWICE. When generating a new password, the dongle is fully formatted.

Can I update keys that have been deployed?

Flexibility to update UniKey hardware keys remotely: A powerful Remote Update System sends encrypted and RSA digitally-signed license terms to users — ensuring secure updates of keys and licenses in the field. 

Can I update the license module only with the password PW1 and PW2?

Sorry, you can not. You must know the password PW3 and PW4 fist, then you can reset the license module to any value you need.

Can others duplicate my UniKey dongle?

No. Please keep your seed for your passwords in a safe place. Without knowing the seed, no one can generate the same password.

Can you initialize a defined password for my dongle?

Yes, we can. If you want to set a defined password you need to order a minimum of 100 dongle, just confirm this request when you place your order. 

Does UniKey dongle have Remote Update function?

Apart from software protection, UniKey's Remote Update system provides a versatile solution to your software distribution. You can implement software leasing, software demos, software trials, pay on software functionality and other software sales modes conveniently and with ease. All the remote data delivered to the customer is AES 128-bit encrypted and secure. 

How can I pick up the usage of UniKey?

In the SDK CD, you can find a video tutorial, which gives you an instant outlook of the UniKey usage.

How can I protect Flash files with your UniKey dongle?

You may use our UniKey Enveloper Utility to achieve this. You may protect flash player (adobe flash player) as Execute file and swf as data files. 

How do I implement UniKey Keys?

Let me explain how Unikey work for your software here. The very basic idea for UniKey protection is if there is a valid Unikey inserted, the software can work fine. If there no correct UniKey, software should not be executed.

We provide 2 method for software protection, i.e. Envelop and API. Envelop is a wrapper, and wrap your exe files so only correct UniKey can run the protected exe file. API protection means you need to embed UniKey APIs in your source code, and compile the application. This is more flexible, and can give you more options for protection. You can also combin these 2 methods together.

For e-learning software, UniKey can protect data files as well. For example,you have a exe file, and data files that read by this exe file. Unikey can protect exe file and encrypt these data files at the same time. After encryption, encrypted data files can not be read by other, and only protected exe file can read these encrypted data files.  

If I lost the password of my dongle, what should I do?

Please return the dongle to us, we can reset the dongle. Contact us for the price.  

Is UniKey dongle an Ease of Use dongle?

All UniKey API's are very simple but powerful. You can easily pick up UniKey API's without having a rich experience in programming. Thanks to the UniKey Enveloper you can protect software without any additional programming work. UniKey Consol provides an efficient solution to manage the software distribution and edit UniKey dongles.

In the SDK, we provide abundant samples in different programming languages, so that you can implement your own software copy protection and software license control schemes with ease.

What is the meaning of the light on the UniKey dongle?

If the light is flashing, it means either the UniKey dongle is working or the system did not install the driver properly. You can update/replace the driver manually. If the light is a constantly bright light, it means the UniKey dongle is ready to use.

What is 'driverless'?

The UniKey software protection dongle is driverless, which means you need not install a driver on the supported operating system. The operating system embeds the driver and installs the driver automatically. Since the most frequent problems that occur at the end-user side are driver installation,UniKey overcomes this problem perfectly.

What operating system does UniKey support?

Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows 2003 both 32-bit and 64 bit. MacOS X, Linux (2.2 and above)

What programming language does UniKey support?

Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Power Builder, Java, Access, Real Basic, Fortran and etc. Any compiler works with DLL/LIB.

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