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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
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Employ UniKey to provide flexible licensing for prenatal diagnosis software

Employ UniKey to provide flexible licensing for prenatal diagnosis software

The Software

The software is for gynecologists and prenatal diagnosis, which has been completely designed and developed with the most up-to-date visual programming tools (Visual Basic 6, Access 2000, etc.) for its implementation in Windows 2000, XP, Vista,7 and 8 operating systems. This software facilitates the simultaneous usage of at most ten biochemical and ultrasound markers. Perhaps one of the most sensitive areas of medical genetics is prenatal diagnosis, the genetic testing of an unborn fetus, because of fears of eugenic misuse or because some couples may choose to terminate a pregnancy depending on the outcome of the test. Nonetheless, prenatal testing in one form or another is now almost ubiquitous in most industrialized nations.
For some metabolic disorders, it is possible to obtain prenatal diagnostic screening. Such analysis usually is offered to families who have previously had a child with a metabolic disease or who are in a defined ethnic group.
The reliability and precision of the algorithms and the internal mathematical calculations of this software have been proved with the prenatal screening software: which constitutes a prenatal screening reference software for validation of this software programs.


The Challenge

The vendor is confident that the software, which incorporates the latest innovations published in the broad area of prenatal detection of innate anomalies, will contribute to the improvement of the clinical performance of prenatal screening. You never know whether your own software products are being used illegally and you are losing profits. Software providers that cannot sustain the "value dialogue" will be left discussing price reductions .
Especially in mature verticals where functional parity has been achieved. If buyers can be convinced that desired business outcomes are directly connected to the software solution, they are more likely to pay a vendor's asking price.
Another concern was controlling access of authorized customers from multiple locations. They became concerned that offices would share a software application that was initially sold to one location. They also want to renew, extend, revise or revoke a license.


The Solution

IoLock worked out a win-win solution for an extensive upgrade. UniKey software protection provides a variety of secure and flexible licensing models and ensures end-users comply with software licensing terms.
Using a UniKey software protection dongle to protect record's access, modifications, configuration, reports, etc. - Hardware protection against copy, unauthorized access, etc. Each license of the Program, necessary for each workstation in which the software executes, is bound to a UniKey dongle that possesses a unique identifier number. The UniKey dongle allows Program license Internet upgrade in cases of new versions, updates, etc.


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