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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
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UniKey - the driverless dongle, reduces the work of technical support team for software vendors

UniKey - the driverless dongle, reduces the work of technical support team for software vendors


A company in USA providing mining and geomechanics software is using dongles which need drivers to be installed. This often causes the DONGLE NOT FOUND problem which is one of the most harassing problem for users. This problem caused by the dongle driver itself increased the workload of technical support; actually more than 90% dongle problems are from the driver itself !


The Software

Advanced, three dimensional continuum modeling for geotechnical analysis of rock, soil and structural. The software is applied to a broad range of problems in engineering studies.


Technical requirement

A dongle is used to prevent the operation of software codes in machines where it is not present.
A dongle related error is reported on starting the code, which prevents the code from being used. The errors may occur when there is no dongle present on the user's machine. This error can also result from incorrect installations or if the driver files themselves have become corrupted or damaged.


Solution - UniKey

UniKey is a driverless dongle. Driverless means you do not have to install a driver. The operation system will install the driver automatically. As a result there is no installation problem. Software users really enjoy the convenience brought by such driverless technology.


Benefits for the software supplier

  • Save 90% of technical support team’s energy and time.
  • Reduce work for support team
  • No uploading of the new driver to website
  • Reduce the technical dependency of dongle providers.


Benefits for end users

  • No upgrading drivers
  • No DONGLE NOT FOUND problem
  • Easy to use, just plug in UniKey and it works perfectly.


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