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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
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Unikey Video Protection - The Best Solution for e-Learning

Unikey Video Protection - The Best Solution for e-Learning

The worldwide e-learning industry is estimated to be worth over 38 billion euros according to conservative estimates. By 2006, nearly 3.5 million students were participating in on-line learning at institutions of higher education in the United States, Many higher education, for-profit institutions, now offer on-line classes. Already the 2007 U.S. e-learning market is $17.5 billion. In India, the size of e-learning market in India is expected to grow from the current $27 million or Rs 105 crore to $280 million or Rs 1,092 crore by 2012, according to a report by brokerage firm CLSA Asia Pacific Markets.



The advantages of e-Learning

Easy to use -- you only need a simple click to protect your video .
Great return on your investment--affordable online training-up to 93% cheaper than instructor led courses, it is cost effective.
Multimedia--for example, sound, animation and/or video, can enliven presentation of factual information and support different learning styles. Flexibility-Transmission of information online enables practitioners and learners to use their scheduled contact time more creative.


What UniKey can do for e-Learning providers

Designed to be simple to use and fast to deploy, UniKey offers total license agility to support the platforms and business models you need to grow revenue.

  • Simple, easy and fast to deploy
  • Hosted service - free updates, support and maintenance
  • Platform agnostic - protects Windows, Linux, Mac & FreeBSD
  • Easy integration with your applications
  • Maximize revenues


How UniKey works

Learners cannot run the course without the USB dongle plugged into the computer. The USB dongle is the key to unlocking the courseware.
All videos are encrypted to prevent piracy and can only be deciphered through the video player when the associated USB dongle is attached.
Only the UniKey Video Protector Player is able to play the encrypted media. The encrypted file is read block by block, decrypted with the Unikey, and played back with the UniKey Video Protector Player. With this method the whole video or audio file will never be stored completely in the memory. As soon as the UniKey is plugged off,the playback will be interrupted.


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