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UniKey Flash 8 Exe sample

Applied Products:
UniKey STD, UniKey Pro, UniKey Time
Programming Language:
Flash 8

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, 7, 8 et 10


You can't protect directly Flash 8 Exe files with our Unikey. However, you can convert it with a little tools calling fav.exe and add Unikey protection only after have converted your Flash 8 EXE to a FLASH9 exe files. So, you'll have to use a converting tool to convert Flash 8 Exe to Flash 9 EXE.

On the market different tools are available. We advice you the use of FAV.exe.

Dowload now FAV.exe

In the present Unikey sample you can try this converting tool by using the trial version that you can install with the file fav.exe. this files is located in Utilities/Flash Packer directory.

Please note you must be use an extern convert tools before apply Unikey protection onto a Flash 8 Exe File.  

Video-based Tutorial

Picture-based Tutorial

Step 1, Convert the Flash 8 Exe file to a Flash 8 EXE file (Use fav.exe).

The command line is really simple:

fav.exe a.exe b.exe

Step 2,

Your Flash Exe 8 is now converted in an Flash 9 EXE file. You can now protect it with our Unikey solution by using (Utilities/Envelopper).

Start Envelopper and select the file to protect.

Click on Execute button.

An EncryptedFile directory is created. It’s located in original EXE directory in which you can find the protected EXE file. This protected EXE file can be seen only for end user with a valid Unikey Dongle.

To set the validity for UNikey dongles, please use the ‘Unikey setting’ parts in Envelopper software. Try it or consult the Manual to learn more about it.


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