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UniKey Video Protector sample

Applied Products:
UniKey STD, UniKey Pro, UniKey Time
Supported format of videos files:
avi, rm/rmvb, mpeg, swf, flv

Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, 7, 8 et 10


UniKey Video Protector is the right solution for you. Your video data such as real media (rm/rmvb), avi, swf and flv video files are protected with the state-of-the-art encryption technologies. Only the owner with the right license number can decrypt and consume the data.

As a video vendor, you need only a simple click to protect your video files, while the end-user must have a UniKey dongle that you issued to access your video files.

Additionally to the protection function with UniKey Video Protector, the solution offers you the Driverless technology, reduces the huge work of technical support team for video vendors.

Please note the distribution of the video protector solution is really easy due to the Unikey driverless dongle Unikey.  

Picture-based Tutorial

In this section, we show how to protect a video file. There are several steps for video vendors a endusers.

For a video vendor,
• Encrypt the video file with UniKey Video Encryptor
• Send the encrypted file to the end-users

For a end-user,
• Install UniKey Video Protector player
• Insert the correct UniKey
• Play encrypted files

Step 1, Encrypt Video Files
This step need only be done at video vendor side.
You need have a UniKey or know UniKey’s password to finish this step.
Load UniKey Video Encryptor as belowEtape 1, Install the software PPT to EXE (Do a default installation for the test).

Etape 2, Protect the video files with Unikey Video Encryptor

Press “…” to load a video file, and then press
“Encrypt” to encrypt the file. If the original file name is “abc.rm”, then the encrypted file name will be

“Bind HID”, to enable this function so that the protected file is bind with the hardware of UniKey. This means the protected file can only work with one UniKey dongle, since the HID of a UniKey dongle is globally unique.

“Bind SoftID”, to protect a file with a batch of UniKey. SoftID is in the specific range. For example, you can
bind the file with a batch of UniKey dongle that the SoftID is from 100 to 200. You can write SoftID to
UniKey dongle via UniKey Consol.

“Bind Module”, bind the video file with a certain license module. This means if and only the license module
is valid (not zero).

If the encryption is successful, a success message will be shown.

Step3, Play Encrypted Video Files

End-users need to get the correct UniKey and the encrypted files. Since the video files are fully encrypted,
so they can be sent via CD-ROM, Internet or other means. Without the correct UniKey, no one can play the
encrypted file.

In order to play the encrypted file, end-users need to install the UniKey Video Protector player. Just double
click the “setup.exe” and follow the instruction, the player will be installed on the client’s computer.
UniKey Video Protector player is a pure player that can play encrypted video files or non-encrypted video
file. In order to play video files you need have some codec installed on your computer (in most of cases, this step is not needed).

Load UniKey Video Protector player, then you can drug or open video files.

Step 4, Distribute the protect videos ot end-users.

End-users must insert the correct UniKey dongle to play encrypted files. If there is no UniKey or wrong UniKey, a warning will be shown the playing will be paused.

If the warning is shown for 3 times continuously, the player will exit.

System Features
Disk Usage, 50MB
Encryption key, 128bit AES, 3DES, MD5
Working Model, 1 key <-> 1 files, 1 Key <-> mupltiple fiels
End-User Player, supports all vedio files by codec


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