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UniKey Drive - Secure Mass Storage


All UniKey family products are driverless.
Driverless installation for rapid, more cost-effective deployment for end users.
This driverless feature reduces 90% software post-sales work and helps software vendors get rid of the headache brought by the driver.

Tamper-resistant, smart card design.
Smart card versatility.
Multi-level security.

 UniKey Drive with 2 to 4GB built-in flash memory. 
This flash memory can be partitioned into several virtual disks.
Enhanced memory for additional licensing options and greater convenience and protection.

 UniKey Drive with virtual CD-ROM function. 
Virtual CD-ROM auto-run function helps software vendors to install software easily.

UniKey Drive with encrypted and hidden 2 to 4GB flash drive.
The flash drive is the ideal container for  large data volumes which is invisible for end users.

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