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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
If you have any technical questions, please feel free to mail to support@iolock.com or for a best tracking of your request create a online support ticket Click Here

General Questions

Can I label the UniKey dongle with my logo?

Yes, please contact us.

Can your dongle work under Windows vista or Windows 8?

Yes, our dongle supports both Windows Vista and Windows 8

Could you tell me how long is the battery life?

The battery can work 3 years.

Could you tell me how long is the battery life? What will happen when the battery stops?

The battery can work 3 years. After the battery is dead, the UniKey Time dongle will become a Unikey PRO dongle, and we cannot replace the battery.

Does UniKey dongle have a Versatile Memory?

The size of basic memory is up to 4K. All the memory is encrypted and CRC checked when communicating with applications. The memory works for the general purpose of copy protection and software license control.

How is the performance of the UniKey dongle?

Our UniKey dongle is a kind of USB product. You may check it with Human Interface Devices after you plugged it into the computer's USB port.

How many kinds of products do you have? How to choose them?

Do you need protect your software in a network? (UniKey PRO)
Do you need time-based function? (UniKey Time)
If just for general usage, I think UniKey STD would be the best choice.

How UniKey benefits software vendors?

UniKey is a driverless copy protection dongle meaning you need not install a driver. The operating system will install the driver automatically. Software users will enjoy the convenience brought by this driverless technology

Is UniKey dongle an ALL IN ONE dongle?

UniKey dongles work on all Windows Operating Systems, Linux and Mac OS X. with no proprietary USB drivers. UniKey dongle is recognized automatically by the operating system when it is connected. In addition UniKey dongle is an all in one dongle that can work in a single computer or across networks.

Is UniKey dongle an Inexpensive dongle?

In spite of all these advantages, UniKey Dongles are amongst the least expensive dongles available. Please contact info@iolock.com for the 2010 UniKey pricing list.

Is UniKey environment-friendly?

Yes, UniKey dongle is environment-friendly. All the parts and the production process are lead-free and ROHS-compatible.

What types of business models does UniKey dongle support?

UniKey supports a wide variety of business models for selling and distributing software. Such as: Perpetual, Rental, Subscription, Module-based, Feature-based, Floating Users, Real Time-based, Execution-based. UniKey also allows you to define your own, unique terms to enable virtually any sales and distribution model. In addition, UniKey enables implementation of trialware and"super-distribution" models and incorporation of hardware-based protection following trial.

Where can I get assist when protect my software?

We are happy to provide high-quality service to our customers. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at info@iolock.com, our professional team will provide you instant help.

Why use UniKey Hardware Keys?

IP Protection - UniKey Hardware Keys protect against revenue loss so you receive fair compensation for your software development. Fast, Flexible Licensing - UniKey Hardware Keys allow software vendors to market more effectively by offering their customers flexible, user-friendly licensing. Implementation is quick and easy for your development team while providing powerful and highly flexible licensing.

Will the implementation of UniKey Keys delay my product launch?

The time it takes to implement UniKey Hardware Keys varies depending on the type of license models that you plan to implement and the number of applications you need to protect.
By using UniKey API, you can obtain the highest level of security and control over sophisticated license designs without spending time on lower level programming. Business Layer APIs are pre-configured, higher level APIs for popular license models such as subscription, evaluation and pay-per-use. These tools typically reduce the programming time required to secure a new application by up to 60% or more compared to other hardware key solutions.
The UniKey Enveloper enhances overall security when used in conjunction with API level integrations and requires only minutes to implement.

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