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UniKey has been successfully implements for various vertical market. UniKey's features provides the highest security and the best flexibilities. More and more customers are enjoying the ease brought by UniKey products.
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Network Functions

How can I install the NetUnikey server?

 The step is
1. Copy NetUniKeyServer (in network/server folder) to harddisk
2. Use command line to run "install -a" to install the server
3. Reboot the Windows
BTW, netunikey console cannot work without installation

Is it possible to remote update the max. users for a UniKey PRO?

 Yes, it is. You may update the users count through updating Module NO.0. The users count is saved in Module NO.0.   

The Network UniKey Server only works on windows, not supports Mac, Linux, but for the client, it can support platform Mac, Linux, etc is it right?

 Yes, the server can only be windows. client side can be Windows, Linux or MacOS. There is no limitation for client side.   

Can I set the number of users for UniKey PRO?

 Yes, you can. You may use our UniKey Consol to achieve this. Plug the UniKey PRO dongle to the computer, Logon it. With “Network” Property Page , you may set it. 



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