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Real-time functions

Using UniKey_Get_Time function to set the time of the Unikey. When I read the time I find that the year is 9 and not 2009. Why?

Yes, it is 9 instead of 2009. If it is 2010, it should be 10. 

What happens with the "GET TIME" function when the battery stops?

1. If Unikey Time is in the USB port, it will get power from USB port, so it will never die even the software is not running.
2. When the software die, GET TIME will give you 0000 or an error code
3. UniKey Time can be written form at least 300,000 times.  

How to check the timer of UniKey Time if works well?

In order to if the dongle's timer is working, please run UniKeyConsole , and logon the key, then in "Time" press "Get Time", if you can see the time, it means the dongle is ok.   


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