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UniKey PRO - Overview

A Step Up from the STD model
Network Dongle | A Dongle for Corporate Software Protection

Highest Security
  • Each UniKey dongle features a unique ID number.
  • Best-in-class tools for automatic protection (Envelop, without source modification)
  • Strong copy protection guarantees software vendors get paid for every software copy.

Secure & Flexible Licensing
  • UniKey PRO hardware key supports the following licensing models:
    Perpetual: Once purchased, the software can be used indefinitely.
    Feature-Based: Enable or disable product features based upon user needs and budget.
   Pay-Per-Use: Use the UniKey PRO hardware key memory counters to charge users for the number of times they use the application or certain features.

  • Flexibility to build custom licenses:
Use the UniKey PRO hardware key counters, secure memory, and unique ID to create the license models that best fit business needs.
  • Flexibility to update UniKey PRO hardware keys remotely:
    A powerful Remote Update System sends encrypted and RSA digitally-signed license terms to users — ensuring secure updates of keys and licenses in the field.

Life time warranty for UniKey PRO hardware key
  • UniKey STD/PRO hardware key has the lowest industry failure rates in the industry which is guaranteed with lifetime warranty. 

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