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UniKey Benifits

Benefits of Protecting your Software by UniKey Security Keys

Strong Software Protection Technologies
UniKey - #1 HID (Driverless) hardware key offers:  

  • Anti-debugging
  • Periodic security and tools updates
  • Protection against reverse engineering
  • Free technical support

Maximum Licensing Flexibility

UniKey Security Key supports many licensing models by giving you the power to ensure software license compliance, giving you choices in how you grow your business:

  • Feature-based: feature management by charging for specific modules, features, or capabilities
  • Rental: charge periodically and allow software use for defined periods of time
  • Pay-Per-Use: charge according to usage of a specific functionality by execution, or by measuring duration of use
  • Subscription: charge for the right to upgrade software within a specific time frame
  • Floating: charge according to the number of concurrent users in network environments
  • Floating&Time-Based: combine floating and rental/subscription pricing models.
  • Try-Before-You-Buy: offer limited trial verslons free-of-charge.
  • Build-Your-Own: the flexibility to build the license models that best meet your business needs
  • Volume Licensing: offer volume pricing for multiple single-user copies operating in a network environment

The power to limit the unrestricted use and transfer of your software 

  • A wide variety of UniKey Security key types support various license models
  • Capable of remotely upgrading or downgrading licenses in the field
  • Support for Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD and Linux
  • Supported programming languages and environments (Runtime API):Visual Basic , Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Borland C++, PowerBuilder, LabView, WinDEV, Java (Linux, Windows, MacOS), FileMaker,Clarion, VS.Net, Fortran, Visual DataFlex, ANSI C(Windows, Linux, MacOS), Fortran, REALBasic (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Director, DBase, Matlab, PureBasic
  • Support embedded system, ARM, MIPS...

Proven in Every Major Vertical Market

UniKey Security Key protects data, logic and other intellectual property for many of the world’s leading system vendors including:

  • Retail POS systems
  • Medical diagnostic equipment
  • Flight simulation equipment
  • Automotive test equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Print and digital imaging systems
  • Arcade & casino gaming equipment
  • Personal identity & security systems
  • Multimedia and broadcast systems
  • Automated design & manufacturing equipment

And more…


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