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Avis utilisateurs

Unikey accroît sa réputation et son exposition sur le marché de la protection.

Depuis sa création, la gamme de produit Unikey accumule distinction et reconnaissance des utilisateurs. Parmi les points forts de notre solution, les plus souvent cités sont la puissance des fonctionnalités, la qualité du matériel, notre clé sans pilote Cross-Platform avec horloge temps réel embarquée, ainsi que la qualité du support technique.


I would talk up the fact that your dongle doesn't require any drivers for Mac or Windows. This was an important feature for us which has worked very well and allowed us to create a drag-and-drop installation process for our software. With drives we'd have to use a more costly to us installer to install the software and related dongle drivers.

Bruce Bayne, Company president, USA
We have customers across the whole country and industries. UniKey family keys are versatile and can totally  meet our requirement of licensing management.

Marcos Romeo, Brazil

Among all the solutions we selected UniKey to protect our software, the real time clock dongle is absolutely the best solution to manage date and day as a control of pay-by-time.


Davis Symonds, Australia
We use National Instruments LabView to develop our applications and it has been quite straightforward to use the dll functions provided with the dongle. After creating a small LabView library, using UniKey has become quite easy.
Deploying stand alone applications (.exe) to customers, also posed no problems at all.
The main advantage is, undoubtedly, the lack of driver to operate the dongle. No need to install another piece of software, one less potential source of problems, therefore no hassle for final users and no "headaches" for us.


Company CTO, Italy
Things have been going very smoothly with Unikey dongles. I'm a happy customer!


Company President, USA
Pagrindinis Unikey raktų privalumas - nereikia specialių draiverių. Juos lengva naudoti ne tik programuotojams, bet ir galutiniam naudoto. Taip pat svarbu pabrėžti aptarnavimo kokybę ir lanktumą. Visos iškilusios naudojimo problemos buvo išspręstos greitai ir tiksliai.


Company Business Development Director, Lithuania
Wir benutzen den Unikey Dongle seit einigen Jahren für unser professionelles Audio-Meßsystem "WinAudioMLS".
Es handelt sich hierbei um ein größeres C/C++ Projekt zur Echtzeit Signalanalyse unter Windows. Die Integration des Dongles stellte kein Problem dar. Die Unterstützung durch das Unikey Team war hervorragend. Durch den attraktiven Preis können wir das System auch in preissensitiven Bereichen einsetzten.


Dr. Frank, Germany
I used a parallel port dongles for last few years. But was having various issues with it. On top of that, nowadays hardware comes without serial and/or parallel ports. It forced me to look for an USB dongle and I came across Unikey. I requested demo kit from Unikey. Since then till date, I am extremenly happy with their product and support. UniKey USB dongle has very high memory capacity. It's driverless. I earlier used to keep end user, license and service contract specific information in encrypted binary file. Now all such information is moved to dongle. API to access dongle is very intutive and easy to use. So far, I have not noticed any issue with the API as well as the dongle. Another advantage of this dongle is, one dongle can be used to copy protect multiple softwares modules.


Company Managing Director, India
Unikey kilidi çok kullanışlı ve çok uygun fiyata. Ayrica destek çok hızlı ve tam. Teşekkürler.

Company President and CEO, Turkey
Your technical support team is real good and really responsive, thank you!


Software Engineer , Italy
We have good impressoin of your product, & proved satisfactory. We are also pleased with your positive attitude towards response & problem-solving.


Mr. A M Al Nemer, UAE
I really appreciate the help I received from technical support while integrating UniKey dongle into my product. Although not many of dongles are currently in use, I'm execting more demand in a few months.


Mr. Alexei Smirnov, USA
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service and products you provide !




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